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Our goal is to build the quality database of business contacts for your company that meets the exact requirements. We learn about your target market and understand your product or services through a lot of consultation with you. With the worldwide networks we have and with the existing database you give us, we capture current information on your most likely prospects for the roles or individuals that would be the right targeted contacts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A.List is complied on monthly or quarterly basis through various marketing activities. Contact-Sure use various mining methods with the help of expert research team; all contacts are built manually and with the use various marketing activities.

A.Contact-Sure places more 10 millions Phone calls per year to collect the additional information, Also Contact-Sure uses human touch to verify each of the contact. Contact-Sure lists come with 90% accuracy for email deliverability.

A.Contact-Sure can deliver the list in xlx, csv xlxs format. We can provide the list in desired format which can fit to your CRM.

A.Yes we can provide you with customize list. Contact-Sure makes sure that marketers look for flexibility as per the unique requirements of their businesses, so we are happy to provide you customize solution based on database needs in term of contact titles, regions, industries, employee size and revenue size.

A.Contact-Sure promptly complies on the quality of the list once it is purchased, it take maximum 3-4 business days to get the list, Once the list is delivered you check your spam or Junk folders. If needed you can check back with us on .

A.Yes Contact-Sure is focused on complete quality satisfaction, flexibility and competitive pricing for customer. Based on recurring purchases customer's can avail huge discounts on list purchases.