Contact-Sure has devised datasets based on region, verticals, designation, events, technology, revenue, industry and even with the influencers and decision making contacts etc. Every buyer can choose according to their needs, these segregated databases give the Clients required information and insights before they connect to their target audience. Our products have refined and nurture contacts that are pre qualified and quality checked by our qualified resources and automated software. Variety and Flexibility is the USP of our products, Contact-Sure has an inventory of databases from all over the globe. Quality, Accuracy, Reliability is what we promise.


For specific sales campaigns targeted to a particular industry or vertical or even a market a pre selected prospect list may not be useful and require a custom build database based of the unambiguous requirements. Our customized datasets comply with all your requisites and provide you with highly qualified contacts databases.

Technology List

We have a comprehensive set of databases segregated by technology use by companies, which will help you target specific businesses and sell them precise solutions. These Technology Lists provide you accurate and assured information and insights about the technology used by a particular organisation so your sales campaign is focussed towards them.

Attendee List

Attendee List consists of data and lists of all major events such as conferences, exhibitions, expos etc. These databases include information about the attendees as well as the exhibitors filtered by the year and month. Attendee List would be really helpful for you to understand the interest of your prospects in terms of technology and their needs.

Rolebase Contact

Identifying the decision maker or the right part contact is one of the major challenges in a Sales and marketing operations and Role based lists provides you information about the profile and job role or function of a particular contact in a company. It also eliminates the levels of interactions in a Sales and marketing operations cycle and puts you in better position to reach the influencers and decision makers.

Account List

Account List is the set of target lists specially developed for specific sectors, market, industries, verticals etc. These accounts are mapped based on the location, technology, revenue size, employee size, nature of business etc which helps you focus on a particular sales campaign.