Core experience in B2B Lead Generation

Expert in B2B activities - Account Based Marketing (ABM List), Rolebase Contacts, Technology User List, Custom Build and other Market Research Activities. Expertised in B2B Sales and Marketing Campaign, Lead Generation, Content Syndication, Event Promotions. We help you choose the service that is ideal for you.


Specific campaigns require customized datasets or contacts lists. We offer custom build lists as per your exact requirements aligned to your Marketing and Sales campaigns.


Technology List

Our technology users email lists, now you can create an best email campaign and get connected with some of the leading will have a well-built list in your hand,give you good revenue.


Role Based List

Role based lists provides you information about the profile and job role or function of a particular contact in a company with title. you will have a well-built list in your hand,give you good revenue.


Account List

ABM List is the set of target lists specially developed for specific sectors, market, industries, verticals further specially mapped by location, technology, revenue size, employee size, nature of business.



To be a leader in the Data Service Industry, recognized for the value we deliver through innovative products & services deliver greater business value to our customers with every touch point. Keep expanding on our reputation of excellence, value and integrity provide cost-effective quality solutions to customers.


Our mission is to build strong personal relationships with our clients. Our business development team solve business problems with reliable technology solutions; to deliver unmatched value and complete customer satisfaction; to enable their people to be more productive and communicate more effectively. Our expert research team vigilantly work on every individual contact to further qualify it before it reaches you. We facilitate every type of Business or Sales and marketing Team to find their targeted prospect and right decision makers for their sales and marketing operations needs. We know it's not easy to make a Sale, Contact Sure makes it less difficult for you.



With Globalization Business are expanding and companies are crossing over to find a footprint in other countries and hence require database to start, this where we have a solution for you. Unlike many other data solution providers we at Contact Sure have a huge inventory of database across all continents, we specialise in large coverage as well as niche market. We also provide customized datasets for specific region on demand which we specialize in. In terms of verticals we cater each and every vertical and industry.