A sales person spends most of the time on support tasks for selling like research on accounts and cold calling than on closing the deal. If the same time is utilized for face to face meetings with the decision makers, their productivity shoots up and turnaround time improves drastically! This is where our Appointment Setting service comes into picture. Our Appointment setting service is more than taking a contact list and dialing the telephone! We assign highly experienced telemarketers from your industry, who are brand conscious and well versed with your industry functions. They study your service or product and understand the industry trends before the campaign starts. Our sales lead telemarketing team is expert in providing you the best business leads by succeeding in introducing your offering effectively to the prospects, to engage them in an open conversation and then to convert them into a qualified sales lead for your team. Our goal is to set at least 6-7 confirmed appointments per week for your team. In short, our telecalling team acts as an extension to your inside sales team. Contact Sure Appointment Setting Service is fully customized according to your criteria. We assign a dedicated account manager for your complete project cycle.